Click to download a PDF Build your own airplane
This is a design for a business card that I use. The first version was done in 1995, but I still carry them around. It usually gets a good response, although most people don't actually get down and use their glue and scissors. Suits!

I finally got around to putting a downloadable PDF version up, so enjoy! Being a business card, it is a bit small; feel free to enlarge it. You can use your printer setup to do this. Have fun making this model, but please do not change it. Specifically, do not remove my URL and do not put your own name on it.

If you are interested in this design for your own business card, contact me through my website or e-mail at for details. I can supply you with an EPS version with your own name, PMS colors, logo, URL, telephone number etc. Prices start at $50 for one name, to be printed once in a quantity of 500.

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